14.07. - 26.07.2025

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An extraordinary and promising tour Transylvania (Carpathians)

  • Croatia (HR)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH)
  • Serbia (SRB)
  • Romania (RO)
  • Montenegro (MNE)


We cross 5 countries and cover a distance of approx. 2200 miles together. The tour extends over 12 days; 12 unforgettable days and unforgettable experiences.

Of course, we are aware that there are many such tours. But we also know that despite all of this, this tour has a unique selling point. Not just because this tour has been worked out down to the smallest details and is not only guided along the coasts. When we were working on it, we attached great importance to not only having a lot of riding fun, it is about 2200 miles after all. It was important to us that we could bring as much as possible of the dreamy landscapes of the countries to be visited by our motorcycle enthusiasts. We will be traveling a lot in the Carpathians.


Day 0 (14.07.2025)

You arrive at the International Airport, Resnik Airport (SPU) in Split. There are very cheap flights to Split from almost all major airports in Europe and especially from Germany. Participants from outside of Europe may use the International Airport Franjo Tuđman Airport (ZAG) in Zagreb as a possible stopover.

We will greet you on arrival and take care of your transfer from Split airport to your hotel in Split. The hotel is a 5-minute walk from the motorbike parking area. Of course, we use our own motorcycles for this tour. We have only new machines in our fleet.

  • BMW F750GS (standard or lowered),
  • BMW F850GS (standard or lowered),
  • BMW R1250GS (standard or lowered),
  • BMW R1250GS Adventure, and
  • BMW R1300GS.

In the evening before departure and before we have dinner together, we will inspect the motorcycles together and make any necessary setup, e. g. for the driver's height. A briefing is also included. Then you will have the opportunity to stow some of the luggage that you brought with you in the side cases and the top case. The next morning, you can then store all your luggage that you do not want to take with you on the trip - such as suitcases, etc. - in our rooms, dry and safe.

Day 1 (Departure on 15.07.2025)

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After breakfast together in our hotel, and after a brief briefing, the journey begins. We pick up the bikes at our starting point in Split and get them ready to go. At the start, the clock is set to 08:00 am. On to the adventure! The well-developed and winding roads lead us first to "Sarajevo"(BIH), the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. For a good reason, we decided not to use the well-known and popular "Jadranska Magistrala". We will save that for our return. We will take the first miles slowly and enjoy the ride and especially the landscape. On our way to Sarajevo, we make a stopover in "Mostar"(BIH) and look at the "Old Bridge" of Mostar together. An absolute must if you are in this area. Certainly also because of the landscape there. Up to our hotel in Sarajevo, we have completed the first day's stage of 173 miles.


Day 2

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A new day is ahead of us. After a hearty breakfast, the new experience on 2 wheels begins at 8:00 am. Today we continue north-east to the Danube on the way to Romania. Today we almost completely cross Serbia. We have already crossed the border into Serbia. Also at this stage of today, after a total of 240 miles, we make another stopover at the "Risovača Cave"(SRB). It is estimated that Neanderthals inhabited this cave around 35,000 to 50,000 years ago and is one of only five caves in the Balkans where Neanderthals used to live. Whether we want to visit this cave together, we decide together upon arrival and on-site. Because the entire day's distance will be tough, and we want to concentrate on riding the corners. Late in the evening, we will arrive in a small town on the Danube and near "Belgrade"(SRB). We will also set up camp there for the night.


Day 3

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An exciting journey lies ahead of us today. No less than 178 miles to be exact. A large part of our route runs along the Danube to the “Iron Gate”(SRB-RO). A gorge and small water passage on the border of Serbia and Romania. The gorge separates the Carpathians from the Balkan Mountains. Here we will also cross the border into Romania on our way to the real "Carpathians"(RO). Off to Transylvania!

We ride through the National Park "Domogled-Valea Cernei"(RO) and the "Getic Subcarpathians"(RO). On the edge of the national park, we will stay overnight in a small Romanian village near a small tributary called "Motru"(RO). The road to get there is an absolute must. We conquered many switchbacks on the way to our overnight accommodation. Again, we experienced a lot of breathtaking nature.


Day 4

* Balkan-Romania Adventure Tour 2025, Moto Trip Price, Best Motorcycle Routes

Today it is time again, at 08:00 am the journey and the adventure continues. Today there is a special highlight on the route plan.

We have 170 miles to cover and will be on the road all day. We actually only experience serpentines, nature, views, and lots of riding fun, that is today's agenda. We are on the "Transalpina"(RO). The Transalpina, also known as Drum Național, is a very significant and important road in Romania. It crosses the Transylvanian Alps and reaches a height of 2145m. The Transalpina starts in the small town of "Novaci" and ends after a breathtakingly beautiful 92 miles through the mountains of the "Munții Parâng"(RO), the Southern Carpathians, in the town of "Sebeș"(RO).

We are on our way to a small place called "Zlatna"(RO) in the middle of Romania. Here in this small place, we will spend the night.

This day will surely be remembered.


Day 5

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A new day is approaching. We start again at 8:00 am to ride a little in a southerly direction.

Because from there, we will ride along the "Transfăgărășan"(RO).

Probably one of the most beautiful mountain passes in Europe. It connects the great Wallachia south of the Carpathian with Transylvania to the north. Overall, the road is just over 94 miles long. But the actually exciting part, which meanders through the beautiful landscape, measures about 56 miles. The pass road is only open 4 months a year - from July 1st to October 31st. The rest of the year the passage is not possible due to snowfall and icing! The highlight is the glacial "Lake Bâlea"(RO). We will not be able to complete the whole part of this dream road today, so we have to stay overnight in the middle of the adventure. We will move into the rooms directly at "Lake Vidraru"(RO). Nevertheless, we were 201 miles ridden today.


Day 6

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We leave early in the morning. As always at 08:00 am after a hearty breakfast together. There are only 107 miles ahead of us that day and we will enjoy them extensively. Because today we will ride the remaining part of the Transfăgărășan and then continue to "Bran"(RO), Transylvania.

Arrived in Bran, we will take a little breather and first move into the rooms in our hotel in Bran. Afterward, if you want, you can visit Castel Bran with us. Also better known as "CASTLE of EARL DRACULA"(RO).

While it is advertised as the castle of Count Dracula from Bram Stoker's stories. There is no evidence that Vlad the Impaler, on which the stories are based, ever lived here. Not even Bram Stoker himself has ever been to this place. Instead, the castle of Romania was named Dracula's Castle. But who cares. They are and always will be good childhood memories.


Day 7

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It will not be an easy day today. There are tight 238 miles ahead of us. A good mix of everything. Serpentines, narrow and small roads, well-developed roads, and also a part for relaxed riding.

Unfortunately, the time here in Transylvania is over and we are on our way back. So, we are heading southwest again, towards Serbia and Montenegro. We will not ride through Kosovo, nor will we ride toward Kosovo. Especially since Serbia and Montenegro currently have a lot more to offer.

Our destination is a small town called "Orșova"(RO), located directly on the Danube. Exactly where the "River “Cerna"(RO) flows into the Danube and therefore also directly on the border to Serbia. The confluence of the two rivers creates a kind of small delta or a small lake. And right there in this small town of Orsova, we will spend the night. There is still plenty to do tomorrow.


Day 8

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What was yesterday was yesterday. A new adventure begins today. As always, at 08:00 am of course. And what was considered a long journey yesterday, is measured against today's journey, rather a small journey. In other words, there is a distance of 257 miles to cover on the 8th day. There are no less than 7.5 hours of pure riding pleasure ahead of us. And at the end of the day, arriving in “Ribari”(SRB), near Brus, we know why we took it all on. We will stay here in Ribari and relax. We really deserve that. Because tomorrow the impressive "Durmitor National Park" (MNE) in Montenegro is on the schedule. Then today's hardships are quickly forgotten.



Day 9

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As already promised. The journey continues a route of 189 miles across Serbia and Montenegro further south towards the Adriatic coast. The ride will be overwhelming and will make us forget yesterday's hardships. The road to “Durmitor National Park”(MNE) is simply incomparable.

We ride along the mountains, through valleys, and again along numerous rivers with impressive fauna and flora, and at the end, there is the destination called "Žabljak"(MNE).

On our way there, of course, we also cross the river "Tara"(MNE) and we insist on taking a break at the Tara Bridge, shortly before our destination.

We will also spend the night here in Žabljak, right next to the national park.

And tomorrow it will be another very special kind of tour. 


Day 10

* Balkan-Romania Adventure Tour 2025, Moto Trip Price, Best Motorcycle Routes

On the further way back to the Adriatic coast, we don't miss the opportunity to get to know a small part of the "Durmitor National Park" better. We will cross the park on a small but passable road until we come to the viewpoint of "Piva Canyon"(MNE) on the other side. How breathtaking this area here is. On the total distance, we will cover 233 miles today. A long day will lie ahead of us. We continue on our way through the "Sutjeska National Park"(MNE) and further past the "Bileća Lake"(MNE). Almost arrived at the coast, we will ride around the so-called Bay of Kotor and stop in Kotor on a fantastic viewing platform. Then we continue to a narrow spot on the bay, where we cross over with the ferry. From there, it is not far anymore. The next stop will be in “Dubrovnik”(HR) where we will stay overnight. We end the evening in the “Old Town” of Dubrovnik after moving into the hotel.

Anyone who visits Dubrovnik must also visit the Old Town. As simple as that.


Day 11 (25.07.2025)

* Balkan-Romania Adventure Tour 2025, Moto Trip Price, Best Motorcycle Routes

Unfortunately, it goes back to the starting point. We have come a long way. Up to here, we have now covered approx. 2250 unforgettable miles and have traveled through 5 countries.

Today the last stage begins, and the promise made at the beginning is kept. As mentioned on the very first day of our departure, we saved the "Jadranska Magistrala"(HR) for the last day of our tour.

We will fully enjoy this day on this extraordinary road along the coast. There are still 132 miles of the most beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea ahead of us. This road is not for nothing considered one of the most beautiful coastal roads in Europe.

On this last day of our tour, we will not leave the hotel in Dubrovnik before 09:00 am and make our way back to the starting point in Split.

Arrived in Split at our popular Moon Bar at our starting point, and with the bikes safely back in place, we still have time for a convivial dinner.

We are looking forward to it.

Afterward, you will stay in the same hotel as you arrived on your first day.

So, you can start your journey home without being hectic on the following day. Or you can also decide, if your time frame allows it, to simply extend your stay in Split and thus on the beautiful Adriatic Sea by a few more days. However, you should arrange this directly with the hotel. If so, best on your first arrival day.

In any case, we will provide you with our airport transfer for today's 12th day.

However, if you decide to extend your stay, in this case, the airport transfer is no longer possible on our part.


Tour map

* Balkan-Romania Adventure Tour 2025 Map

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Tour summary

From and to Split - Croatia about 2200 miles of road, medium to high difficulty. Short unpaved sections or sections without asphalt are possible, but not planned. It is possible e.g., by detours or construction sites. Mountain passes including switchbacks and city rides (smaller towns). Motorway stages were avoided. An absolute no-go.

Not suitable for real novice riders.

For riders with little experience, please contact us in advance.

Since there may be different entry conditions and/or entry restrictions for each participant for the respective destination country, we recommend visiting the website VisaHQ in advance for your own safety. This website is a very good indicator in case of necessary requirements if a visitor or tourist visa is required. We are always here for you if you have any questions or need support.

The tour group consists of Canadians, Latinos, Kiwis, Americanos, and Europeans. We speak English, German, and Spanish. It will always be an experience to be able to get to know other participants from other cultures and languages on such tours.


Total price for this adventure


  • BMW F750GS-2023, including motorcycle insurance.

EUR 1.365,00

  • 11 days of riding fun and approx. 2200 miles on a BMW F750GS-2023
  • 12 overnight stays with rich breakfast
  • 11 guided motorcycle tours to the most exciting places and breathtaking routes
  • 1 ferry connection
  • 2 Airport Shuttle
  • Tour Sweatshirt, black (available sizes S to XXL)

EUR 2.320,00

  • Upgrade Single Room
    + EUR 495
  • Upgrade BMW F850GS
    + EUR 140
  • Upgrade BMW R1250GS
    + EUR 605
  • Upgrade BMW R1250GSA
    + EUR 660
  • Upgrade BMW R1300GS
    + EUR 840
  • Add Pillion/Passenger
    + EUR 1.465


Included services

  • English, German, and Spanish speaking tour guide with motorbike from and to Split(HR)
  • Morning tour briefing before departure
  • Various city and sightseeing tours as described in the route description, without any entrance fees
  • Customer money protection in accordance with the European Package Travel Ordinance
  • Our Tour and Team Jacket

Not included

Travel costs such as flight and/or train tickets to the starting point of the trip, except for airport transfers. Fuel costs and luggage transport, except luggage storage. Meals, such as lunch or dinner, excluding breakfast. Costs for any third-party providers, e.g. for sightseeing tours run elsewhere, entrance fees and expenses for personal needs. All motorcycle and protective clothing, as well as helmet. Furthermore, all services that are not expressly listed as included services. Travel insurance with cancellation protection is also not included. However, we recommend taking out an insurance package with Global Rescue (This conclusion, if desired, can be made directly on our website).


Global Rescue travel insurance

Global Rescue


Your next motorcycle adventure is about to start. When you are ready to commit, please REGISTER. If you are still dreaming, please INQUIRE.



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