03.09. - 20.09.2024

Fully booked

An extraordinary and promising Tour de Alps

  • Croatia (HR)
  • Italy (IT)
  • Switzerland (CH)
  • Alps (IT-CH-F)
  • France (F)

We cross 4 countries and cover a distance of approx. 1990 miles together. The tour extends over 17 days; 17 unforgettable days and unforgettable experiences.

Of course, we are aware that comparable tours are often offered. But we also know that despite all of this, this tour has a special unique selling point. Not only because this tour has been worked out down to the smallest details and is not only guided along the coasts. The tour is self-explored. During the development, we attached great importance to the fact that we will not only have a lot of riding fun on our approx. 1990 miles, but it was also important to us that we be able to offer motorcyclists and enthusiasts as much as possible of the fantastic landscapes around us.


Day 0 (03.09.2024)

You arrive at the International Airport, Resnik Airport (SPU) in Split. There are very cheap flights to Split from almost all major airports in Europe and especially from Germany available. Participants from outside of Europe may use the International Airport Franjo Tuđman Airport (ZAG) in Zagreb as a possible stopover.

We will greet you upon your arrival and take care of your transfer from Split airport to Split hotel. The hotel is about a 5-minute walk from the motorbike parking spaces. Of course, we use our own motorcycles for this tour. We only have new machines in our fleet, e.g.

  • BMW F750GS (standard or lowered),
  • BMW F850GS (standard or lowered),
  • BMW R1250GS (standard or lowered),
  • BMW R1250GS Adventure, and
  • BMW R1300GS.

In the evening before departure and before we have dinner together, we will inspect the motorcycles together and make any necessary setup, e.g. for the driver's height. A briefing is also included. You then have the opportunity to stow some of the luggage that you brought with you in the side cases and the top case. The next morning, you can then store all your luggage that you do not want to take with you on the trip such as suitcases in our rooms, dry and carefree.

Day 1 (Departure on 04.09.2024)

* Croatia-Italy-France Adventure Tour 2024, Moto Trip Price, Best Motorcycle Routes

After our breakfast together in our hotel, the journey begins after a short briefing. We pick up the bikes at our starting point in Split and get them ready to go. At the start, the clock shows us at 08:00 am.

On to the adventure!

On the well-known "Jadranska Magistrala"(HR), with its well-developed and winding roads, our journey on our first day goes north, towards Slovenia. Past "Zadar"(HR) up to the island of "Krk"(HR).

We will take the first miles slowly and enjoy the ride and especially the landscape and the view of the Adriatic Sea.

Wherever we like it, we just take a short break that day and sit down somewhere on a cliff, viewing platform, or somewhere on the beach and look forward to what comes ahead of us.

Up to our hotel on the mainland, opposite the island of Krk and we have completed the first day's stage of 217 miles.


Day 2

* Croatia-Italy-France Adventure Tour 2024, Moto Trip Price, Best Motorcycle Routes

A new day is ahead of us. After a hearty breakfast, the new experience on 2 wheels begins at 08:00 am. Today we continue north and later west. Passing the beautiful city of "Rijeka"(HR) and "Trieste"(IT). Shortly after Rijeka, we will already cross the border to Slovenia. However, the journey through Slovenia does not take very long, because on our onward journey towards France through the Alps, we will ride along the Italian coast, and shortly before Trieste we will leave Slovenia again and enter Italy.

Today's destination will be "Venice"(IT). Since no one can really predict how long this extraordinary city will exist, we will of course not be able to miss a visit to this city. We ride straight into Venice and park our motorbikes for a stay of several hours. Everyone can decide for themselves how they want to use their time in Venice. Together with us or alone or as a couple.

We set up our camp in a small town near Venice, called Marghera. Today's stage is 170 miles.


Day 3

* Croatia-Italy-France Adventure Tour 2024, Moto Trip Price, Best Motorcycle Routes

There is still an exciting journey ahead of us today, although it is actually only 112 miles. The tour goes across Italy's north, always towards the Alps. We are on the way to "Lago di Garda"(IT) and reach the lake on the northern shore. Those who know the lake also know its charms, especially the roads along the lake. Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy and stretches across three regions: Trentino-Alto Adige, Lombardy, and Veneto. Rich in lush vegetation, between the Alps and the Po Valley. In the north, the lake is characterized by high mountain ranges. Right there, where we reach Lake Garda, in Riva del Garda. The lake was formed by the Adige Glacier in the last Ice Age.

We will spend the night in one of the most beautiful places on the lake, in Malcesine. We end the evening together in one of the interesting restaurants on the promenade in town.


Day 4

* Croatia-Italy-France Adventure Tour 2024, Moto Trip Price, Best Motorcycle Routes

Today it is time again, at 08:00 am the journey and the adventure continue. There is a special highlight on the route plan.

We have 162 miles to cover and will be on the road all day. Along the eastern shore of Lake Garda, we head south to the end of the lake and then head west towards “Lago di Como”(IT). Passing the "Lago d`Ìseo"(IT) we will reach Lake Como in the early evening.

We will spend the night on the western shore, directly on Lake Como, in "Menaggio"(IT).

This day, like all the other days, will certainly be remembered.


Day 5

* Croatia-Italy-France Adventure Tour 2024, Moto Trip Price, Best Motorcycle Routes

Today we are heading into the real Alps, more precisely, into the Swiss Alps for the time being. To be more exact, to "Lauterbrunnen"(CH), at the foot of the "Jungfraujoch"(CH). Jungfraujoch, also known as the "Top of Europe"(CH). On the way there, after leaving Lake Como, we take the "San-Bernardino-Pass"(CH), the old pass road heading north. This pass connects the Misox with the Hinterrheintal. Due to the motorway running parallel to the cantonal road, which takes up most of the heavy traffic, this pass has pleasantly little traffic on both sides. Exactly what we want. Here we will gain our first experience of riding on Alp pass because there will be a few more such pass roads ahead of us in the coming days. It certainly will not be boring. You just must enjoy the view from here and then this cornering. It was a long way to get here today, but a way that was worth it. We covered 237 miles today. Well deserved, we will move into a typical local accommodation in "Stechelberg"(CH). We will also stay here for 2 days because tomorrow is free time and a break.


Day 6

* Croatia-Italy-France Adventure Tour 2024, Moto Trip Price, Best Motorcycle Routes

As promised, today is a rest day......, more or less.

Relaxation is on the agenda all day today:

Or if you want, you can accompany us to the "Top of Europe".

We take the Eiger Express or the cog railway and enjoy the picturesque view of the Alp landscape.

With the Eiger Express, we ride past the largest north face of the Alps on one side and let our gaze wander over the summit ring of the Bernese Prealps on the other side.

Or we decide on the spot and take the cog railway. The longest rack railway through the Bernese Oberland, the Wengernalpbahn.

No matter how, when we arrive at the top of the "Top of Europe", we have a breathtaking view of the magnificent Alp landscape at an altitude of 3454 meters. An absolute MUST for those who have not been there yet. We will spend the whole day up there as there is a lot to see and discover. We also will stop in the restaurant with its gorgeous view.


Day 7

* Croatia-Italy-France Adventure Tour 2024, Moto Trip Price, Best Motorcycle Routes

As always at 08:00 am, after breakfast together and of course when everyone has slept out, we continue.

Ahead of us lies a distance of 200 miles further west, towards “Lake Geneva”(CH) and through the Regional Nature Park “Gruyère Pays-d'Enhaut"(CH).

Arrived on the southern shore of Lake Geneva, we will certainly drive a long way along the lake and then make our way south at "Thonon-Les-Bains"(F). We will follow a large part of the very well-known "Rte des Grandes Alpes"(F). However, we will not only stick to this route but will ride one or the other, also more interesting passes. On this day, however, we will ride over the passes "Col des Gets", "Col de la Colombière", "Col des Aravis" and the "Col des Saisies". At the end of this stage is a small town, called Beaufort, in the middle of the French Alps, where we will spend the night. If you have not had enough of cornering today, you can get help tomorrow. This tour has something to offer.


Day 8

* Croatia-Italy-France Adventure Tour 2024, Moto Trip Price, Best Motorcycle Routes

On the 8th day of our tour, we continue south, because we want to go to the "Côte d'Azur", or rather to "Saint-Tropez". But there is still a long way to go. On the way there together, we will spend the night in "Briançon"(F) on our next stage.

We will always take a sufficient rest on all the miles we have covered, and we will get to know the French Alps from their most beautiful side.

On today's stage of 149 miles to Briançon, we pass well-known passes such as "Cormet de Roselend", "Col de l'Iseran", "Col du Télégraphe", "Col du Galibier" and "Col du Lautaret", as well as two smaller side passes.

We have come quite a bit closer to the Mediterranean Sea. Enjoy what you have already experienced and let yourself be surprised at what the coming days will bring.

And the nice thing is, in a small group, all these unique experiences are much more fun together.


Day 9

* Croatia-Italy-France Adventure Tour 2024, Moto Trip Price, Best Motorcycle Routes

The dream journey continues. We conquer one pass after the other. Rugged landscapes, lots of vegetation, sometimes like a lunar landscape. Riding this route is very varied. Fantastic views, steep slopes, and sometimes a flat landscape are almost unusual. Spectacular curves and serpentines and again and again these views. Sometimes you have in your own thoughts, why you did not start riding motorcycles much earlier......
Whatever the thoughts of each individual are, our journey extends over a stage of 140 miles to “Valdeblore”(F).

There is definitely no boredom.
We continue south, the "Col d'Izoard", the "Col de Vars", the "Col de la Cayolle", the "Col de Valberg", and the "Col de la Couillole".

Arrived in Valdeblore, we will spend the night here and share our experiences while socializing in the evening.


Day 10

* Croatia-Italy-France Adventure Tour 2024, Moto Trip Price, Best Motorcycle Routes

We leave the real heights of the French Alps again and are on our way to the Mediterranean. A small pass road still lies ahead of us, the "Col Saint Martin". But we also must enjoy this pass before we continue southwest to Saint-Tropez. The route goes through the mountains along the Mediterranean Sea. Soon we will be able to see the sea from here. We ride again through many small typical French villages along the route, through valleys and small ridges. There are still 121 miles ahead of us.

Arrived at the Mediterranean Sea and before we make our way to Saint-Tropez, we move into our hotel, about 16 miles from Saint-Tropez. There we unload our motorcycles and then visit what is probably the coziest park in the middle of Saint-Tropez to experience the French flair there.

Many small cafes, restaurants, and pubs around the park await us there. This is exactly where we settle down for our dinner together.

Late in the evening, we make our way back to our hotel.


Day 11

* Croatia-Italy-France Adventure Tour 2024, Moto Trip Price, Best Motorcycle Routes

Having slept well and rested from yesterday evening, we continue along the "Côte d'Azur" via Cannes, Nice, and Monte Carlo to "Menton"(F), on the Italian border. The French Riviera certainly has its absolute charms and beauties to offer. Please do not get this wrong. To avoid misunderstandings, we only focus on the "natural" beauties, like the sea, the landscape, and the relaxed French way of living there, and nothing else. Unfortunately, the distance along the coast road is only 79 miles. Unfortunately, therefore, because it is fantastically beautiful to ride along there. But it is also good because we have enough time to settle in Menton, where we will stay overnight, due to our somewhat earlier arrival there. Because we will also spend another day here in Menton. We really deserve it again and take a 2nd day off. Another advantage, regarding the short distance, we have time to take a closer look at Cannes, Nice or even Monte Carlo. If you want, you can also ride the Formula 1 track after consultation with the group. Nobody will be prevented from doing this if it fits in the community interest and if it makes sense and is desirable for someone.


Day 12

* Croatia-Italy-France Adventure Tour 2024, Moto Trip Price, Best Motorcycle Routes

As already promised, today, the 12th day of our tour, is another rest day.

Today the whole day is relaxing:

Everyone can do whatever they want, such as e. g.

  • explore the area on your own
  • go swimming or snorkeling
  • laze about and enjoy life
  • exchange of experiences for what has already been experienced
  • have a beer
  • telling childhood stories and jokes……or whatever.

No matter what you want to do, only one thing is important:  fun.

But please always remember, the next morning we must be fit and rested because we continue as usual at 08:00 am.


Day 13

* Croatia-Italy-France Adventure Tour 2024, Moto Trip Price, Best Motorcycle Routes

The time has come. The days and the journey are coming to an end. That does not mean that we will not experience anything more together. No, just the opposite. We are making our way back today toward Croatia and will take the route along the Italian Riviera. In other words, along the Ligurian Sea. This coastal road is as worth seeing and praiseworthy as the coastal roads of France and Croatia. So we are on our way again early at 08:00 am. A daily stage of 176 miles lies ahead of us. Partly over the mountains along the coast or directly along the coast. We ride through "Genoa"(IT), along the port, and further south towards Tuscany. Another kind of eye candy.

Our destination for the day ends today in "Sestri Levante"(IT), a small village located directly on the coast.

We will end this day with dinner together.


Day 14

* Croatia-Italy-France Adventure Tour 2024, Moto Trip Price, Best Motorcycle Routes

We are on our way to one of the most beautiful parts of Italy. Of course, the Alps, whether Italian, French, Swiss, or Tyrol, have a lot of flair and beauty to offer. But Tuscany is Tuscany. Nowhere in Italy are there more picturesque places, regions, and landscapes than here, here in Tuscany.

So, we set off on the 179 miles ahead of us. We just want to enjoy these landscapes. On the way there we pass "Pisa"(IT) and take a longer break at the leaning "Tower of Pisa".

Then it continues to “Monteriggiano”(IT), located between Florence and Siena. This is where today's tour ends, and this is also where we will spend the night.


Day 15

* Croatia-Italy-France Adventure Tour 2024, Moto Trip Price, Best Motorcycle Routes

Unfortunately, and really, unfortunately, it goes back to the starting point. We have come a long way. In the meantime, we have already covered approx. 1834 miles and traveled through 4 countries.

The last stage begins today. We leave Tuscany towards the port of Ancona. However, before we say goodbye to our last place of stay, let's take a look at the well-known "Duomo di Siena"(IT). Then we continue to “Lago Trasimeno”(IT), which we will ride along. Do not forget the passage through the "Parco Regionale del Monte Cucco"(IT). In the late afternoon, we arrive at the port of "Ancona"(IT). On this day we could enjoy motorcycling again for 167 miles. Everything is ready for check-in on the ferry back to Croatia at 05:30 pm. Because later is often too late. At 07:30 pm we set sail for our crossing to Split. We will spend the night in a cabin and will arrive in Split early the next morning.


Day 16 (19.09.2024)

* Croatia-Italy-France Adventure Tour 2024, Moto Trip Price, Best Motorcycle Routes

Arrived at 07:00 am in Split port, we will be ready again at 8:00 am and leave the port towards Moon Bar in Split (our starting point of the first day). There we will park the motorbikes and socialize for a cup of coffee.

Anyone who already wants to go home and has booked a return flight for that day is of course free to do so. All other participants with a little more time are welcome to join us for another day. We are looking forward. Whatever you decide, we will definitely take you back to the hotel where you stayed the first night after your arrival. There we will have dinner together. And as a further thank you for your company, the cost of dinner (excluding drinks) is at our expense. So, you can start your journey home without being hectic, on the following day. Or you can also decide, if your time frame allows, to simply extend your stay in Split and thus on the beautiful Adriatic Sea by a few more days. However, you should arrange this directly with the hotel. Best when you first arrive. In any case, we will provide you with our airport transfer.

However, if you decide to extend your stay, then the airport transfer is no longer possible on our part.


Tour map

* Croatia-Italy-France Adventure Tour 2024 Map

Your next motorcycle adventure is about to start. When you are ready to commit, please REGISTER. If you are still dreaming, please INQUIRE.


Tour summary

From and to Split - Croatia about 1990 miles of road, medium to high difficulty. Short unpaved sections or sections without asphalt are possible, but not planned. It is possible e. g. through detours or construction sites. Mountain passes including switchbacks and city rides (smaller towns). All motorway stages were avoided. An absolute no-go for us.

Not suitable for real novice riders.

For riders with only a little experience, we ask for prior consultation.

Since there may be different entry conditions and/or entry restrictions for each participant for the respective destination country, we recommend visiting the website VisaHQ in advance for your own safety. This website is a very good indicator in case of necessary requirements if a visitor or tourist visa is required. We are always here for you if you have any questions or need support.

The tour group consists of Canadians, Latinos, Kiwis, Americans, and Europeans. We speak English, German, and Spanish. It is always an experience to be able to get to know other participants from other cultures with different languages on such tours.


Total price for this adventure


  • BMW F750GS-2023, including motorcycle insurance.

EUR 1.660,00

  • 13 days of riding fun and approx. 1990 miles on a BMW F750GS-2023
  • 1 day on the Jungfraujoch (Top of Europe)
  • 1 swimming day in Menton (Cote d'Azur)
  • 16 overnight stays with rich breakfast
  • 1 ferry connection with an overnight stay in a double cabin
  • 13 guided motorcycle tours to the most exciting places and the most breathtaking routes
  • 2 x Airport Shuttle
  • Tour Sweatshirt, black (available sizes S to XXL)

EUR 2.990,00

  • Upgrade Single Room
    + EUR 750
  • Upgrade BMW F850GS
    + EUR 160
  • Upgrade BMW R1250GS
    + EUR 800
  • Upgrade BMW R1250GSA
    + EUR 880
  • Upgrade BMW R1300GS
    + EUR 1.140
  • Add Passenger
    + EUR 1.990


Included services

  • English, German, and Spanish-speaking tour guide with motorbike from and to Split(HR)
  • Morning tour briefing before departure
  • Various city and sightseeing tours as described in the route description, without any entrance fees
  • Customer money protection in accordance with the European Package Travel Ordinance
  • Our Tour and Team Jacket

Not included

Travel costs such as flight and/or train tickets to the starting point of the trip, except for airport transfers. Fuel costs and luggage transport, except luggage storage. Meals, such as lunch or dinner, excluding breakfast. Costs for any third-party providers, e.g. for sightseeing tours run elsewhere, entrance fees and expenses for personal needs. All motorcycle and protective clothing, as well as helmet. Furthermore, all services that are not expressly listed as included services. Travel insurance with cancellation protection is also not included. However, we recommend taking out an insurance package with Global Rescue (This conclusion, if desired, can be made directly on our website).


Global Rescue travel insurance

Global Rescue


Your next motorcycle adventure is about to start. When you are ready to commit, please REGISTER. If you are still dreaming, please INQUIRE.



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