The Dream Team

The Dream Team

In 2015, I decided to make a drastic change. Although my self-employment in Germany was necessary and important, it became monotonous over time. After being self-employed since 1987, I had enough of doing the same thing over and over again. Motorcycling and adventure travel had always been my great passion, so since 1998 I travelled all over Europe on my motorcycle. Initially, my focus was mainly on racing tracks with YAMAHA, especially with the R1 models.

As expected, in early 2016, I decided to leave Germany behind and move to New Zealand. A new era was about to begin - a challenge awaited me there. So, I accepted the offer and set off for New Zealand with all my belongings - even my YAMAHA R1 (RN32) travelled in the container with me.

This provided ideal opportunities for exploring New Zealand on motorcycle rides - initially, mostly on racing tracks like Taupo, Manfeild, or Hampton Downs.
For longer adventure tours through the two islands, an R1 is certainly not suitable; that's why I later switched to the INDIAN Bobber Scout. This made everything even more exciting! Over the course of six years, I explored every corner of New Zealand and got to know the locals and their culture.

Although this country was wonderful, it could eventually become boring. Therefore, I decided to move further to Central America. My first destination was Panama, but after only eight months, I continued southwards - specifically to Colombia.

Colombia is a charming country and offers incredible things: untouched nature, breathtaking mountain ranges, and adventurous roads. Perfect for motorcycle adventures of all kinds! But to live and work there, one should keep a clear head.

In Colombia, I finally met my partner Mariana - a Colombian woman with the same passion for motorcycling as me. Our shared enthusiasm gave birth to the idea of MotoGS WorldTours - our own tour operator.

Today, motorcycle enthusiasts can benefit from our experience and absolute dedication at MotoGS WorldTours.
The desire to do more and explore the world was always there. You just have to do it. 

Let's embark on the adventure together and enjoy it!

At MotoGS WorldTours, we focus exclusively on offering well-thought-out and perfectly organized motorcycle tours through the Balkan countries, as well as New Zealand, of course. We conduct these tours ourselves and have personally explored all the routes.

Let's start the adventure together!
The world out there has so much to offer!


Since our motorcycle trips generally start in Split, Croatia, we also offer our motorcycles for rent to friends, acquaintances, customers, and fellow travellers from all over the world. The motorcycles are not only available for our own tours but can also be rented by our customers for their own small tours through the Balkan countries. For this reason, we have set up a small but well-organized service center for motorcycle rentals in Kaštel Sućurac. It is located between Split Airport and the city itself.

Since June 2023, MotoGS Rental - Motorcycle Rental Croatia has been welcoming its customers. We offer almost all BMW GS models from 2023 for rent: BMW F750GS, F850GS, F900GSA, R1250GS and GSA, as well as the R1300GS.

We look forward to welcoming you as a new friend and fellow traveller soon.



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