22000, Bilice   

Holiday home in the bay Bilice

Holiday home in the bay Bilice

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Dobro dosli!
We consciously try to offer a different kind of holiday and thus bring you closer to the country and its people in all their facets. Our pictures are impressions from our own experiences and moments and represent authentically what you can find in the region. Whether with your cell phone casually or specifically with the SLR, our images reflect what makes the Sibenik region so special.

We not only want to offer you a beautiful “temporary home”, but also the amenities that make your vacation an experience. After all, it's not the walls that make your vacation, but the impressions and experiences you associate with it.

In addition to important information about our apartments, we have also summarized other offers such as boat rentals or exciting motorcycle tours on our website. With us you can explore the surrounding bays in kayaks or go on a day trip to unforgettable anchorages with a skipper. Of course we take the snorkeling equipment with us. Please feel free to contact us regarding availability before you start your journey, or directly during your holiday.

...We want you to feel comfortable and enjoy your vacation the way you want. Away from the “classic bunk beds” and densely packed apartment buildings, every guest who would like to turn their backs on the hustle and bustle, stress and appointments for a while is warmly welcome!

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22000 Bilice Sibenik (HR)
info (ät) ferienhaus-in-der-bucht . de

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